2019 MBA Newcastle Housing Winner under $500k

Hawkesbury River Residence

2019 MBA Newcastle Housing Winner under $500k

Hawkesbury River Residence

Copacabana Residence

“Massive Thankyou to all the team at Parkwood Modular Buildings for working with us to give us our dream home!!!”


Copacabana Residence

“Massive Thankyou to all the team at Parkwood Modular Buildings for working with us to give us our dream home!!!”


ACA Best Regeneration Project of the Year 2018

Fishermans Wharf Woy Woy

ACA Best Regeneration Project of the Year 2018

Fishermans Wharf Woy Woy

Better Design – Better Built – Since 1988

Parkwood Modular Homes

Innovative Prefab Sustainable Homes & Granny Flats

Modular Homes (prefab design with off-site construction) has gained increasing acceptance as the innovative and sustainable way forward in the building of your home…

Building Manufacture means applying a manufacturing approach to construction by pre-fabricating building elements, or entire building pieces, in transportable modules under factory conditions. We build your entire home in our state of the art factory at Somersby NSW. Delivered to you within NSW.  Installed, secure and ready to move in within days of delivery!

Parkwood is a proud Australian Company building all our homes in a high-tech, purpose built complex at Somersby on the New South Wales Central Coast.

We are specialists and having a magnificent facility as we do means we can maintain the highest standards of quality control at every stage of production. At our Factory we have display homes available for your inspection during office hours.

To view an install, please watch this short video »

Social Benefits

significantly improving workplace occupational health and safety by bringing the majority of building construction indoors

Economic Benefits

such as substantial reductions in construction times

Environmental Benefits

through reduced materials & transportation wastagen, greater inclusions of energy & water efficient elements plus the potential for greater use of recycled materials

Our workers are our key resources
We will ensure that product standards are current
We will endeavour to satisfy our client and end users' requirements
We will effectively analyse and monitor our performance to continuously improve our service
We will continually strive to conform to the requirements of all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements
Parkwood is externally audited annually for compliance in WHS, Environmental and Quality Assurance

Our History

Established in 1988 with many valuable years of experience in the industry and a bag full of industry awards for innovative and environmental minimum impact projects, Parkwood has developed a range of 1-2 Bedroom Granny Flats, Smart Pods, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4-6 bedroom homes for the Modular, Prefab and Relocatable house market.

Parkwood has a strong foundation in Commercial projects including Schools, Sports Clubs, Mobile Offices, Security Buildings and much more.

You are welcome to drop in and view our display home with no obligation, and chat with our staff about designing a home specific to your requirements please contact us.

Our display homes are open for inspection Monday to Friday, and Saturday by appointment.

Company Profile

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ISO 1400:2004 Environmental Management Systems
AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems

Factory Built Innovative Modular Homes

Parkwood, licensed builders of manufactured and transportable homes, have incorporated lighter but more structural steel frames with new innovative modular home designs and concept home plans. This combination is producing factory built homes readily adaptable to suite the constraints and environment of each individual building site.

New design specifications and the use of galvanized or epoxy coated structural steel components has enabled Parkwood Manufactured Homes to developed a new approach in the design of transportable, relocatable, modular, pre-fab or factory built housing and granny flats. This also enables Parkwood to offer a better custom design building capacity for the transportable home buyer.

As the trend moves away from traditional brick and tile construction, designers are seeking construction methods to take advantage of the new innovative materials now being introduced into the Australian sustainable housing market.

With the ever increasing cost of onsite construction, the responsibilities of OH&S compliance and cost demands to design environmentally efficient and sustainable housing, the construction methods developed by Parkwood manufactured buildings make sense.

Within the Parkwood complex pre-fab construction methods have been refined. Smart material handling, dry storage of materials and a consistent & experienced work force are good foundations for any project.

It’s a matter of efficiency, building with speed and having tradesmen on hand to take care of the little jobs that always stop the next trade. We provide a work environment where the home and all the construction materials are under cover, dry and secure within the Parkwood factory. We can be confident of completion dates as the weather just isn’t an issue as Parkwood Modular Buildings has acquired a steady fulltime work force of skilled tradesman. As everything is received before the homes leave the Parkwood plant, the company can achieve efficiencies site builders can only dream of.

Once the home is completed the sections are delivered to site and installed in a day. We would organize the transportation and installation of your home.

The plastering and painting are finished off and the carpets and curtains supplied once the home is together, this is all included in our price and usually takes about 2 weeks.

If you are thinking of Kit homes construction, then, the big plus with our building method is you know what you are getting and immediately on site it’s at lock up stage with doors kitchens pc items supplied and tiles laid.

Our floor plans can be adapted to suit any particular exterior concept design style or interior layout , so please feel free to contact our sales team here at Parkwood Modular Buildings, Central Coast.

Parkwood Factory Built Homes provides speedy service without compromising on all the important details.

Parkwood Manufactured Homes buy in bulk using forklifts to lift and unload incoming materials and provide a secure establishment to protect your home during construction. By providing dry storage of materials and a concrete slab under foot it’s much easier to keep the work place clean and safe.

Once the homes are complete, with kitchens and bathrooms installed, tiling, shower screens, even vanity mirrors and towel rails fitted, the home is pulled apart into sections that are held up by integrated steel floor frames. The frames support the pre-fab structure during transportation to the site on low loaders and are strong enough to hold the structure as it is craned onto the foundations. They remain part of the structure after installation and the result is a construction foundation system that is structurally vastly superior to conventional building practice. Each  modular building section is bolted together along the length of the beams and the floors are in turn bolted down to the in-situ concrete foundations. The off-site  factory built construction enables the restriction of the onsite work duration and therefore the onsite labour force to a bare minimum.

A full range of modular, commercial, school, residential  home and granny flat plans and prices for relocatable homes ranging from one bedroom cabins up to six bedrooms and three bathrooms country homes can be viewed here on the web or at our central coast purpose built factory and display yard.

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